Q & A – Max Park – He has recently shaken up the rankings with 6 records in Janauary

January 2018 was a good month for Max Park, as he scored an impressive 6 World Records in two competitions. Starting in San Diego's Thanks Four The Invite 2018, Max obtained WR's in 7x7 average (2:13.12), 6x6 average (1:25.34), and 3x3 One Hand (9.99), breaking through the once unimaginable 10 second barrier. At Sacramento's SacCubing III 2018, Max added to his WR count with a new 6x6 average (1:25.10), 6x6 single (1:19.60), and 4x4 average (22.55).

Q: What sparked your interest with cubing?
A: I started cubing because I got a free cube with my kids meal. I had to learn from Youtube how to solve it. Also, it was something that was part of my therapy to help develop my fine motor skills.

Q: What do you consider your greatest cubing achievement?
A: I would say Worlds 2017. Getting to the finals and competing with people I look up to like Mats, Feliks, Patrick, Lucas and all the other finalists.

Q: Who would you consider to be your biggest influences in your cubing career?
A: My biggest influences on my cubing career were Shane Grogan and Isaac Langer. They were the first people that made me strive to become better.

Q: What do you hope to see in cubing in the future?
A: Competitions that are bigger locally. About 200 to 300 cubers would be really cool.

Q: If you could host a comp anywhere, where would it be and what would you call it?
A: If I could organize any competition, I would have it in Hawaii and call it the Pineapple Cubing Open.

Q: What is your biggest pet peeve in competitions?
A: Nothing I can think of.

Q: Other than cubing, what are some of your favorite hobbies?
A: Currently, my favorite hobbies are playing Candy Crush and swimming.

Q: What is something you wish people knew about you?
A: Something I wish people knew about me is how much of a fan I am of other top cubers. I like to follow them -- especially their statistics and comp results. While I don't recognize all of them at comps, I most likely know who they are and how good they are.

Big thanks to Max for this interview! Good luck on all of your cubing endeavours.