On The Rise – 2018 Cubers Going For It All (Cale Schoon/Luke Tycksen/Ben Wei)

Cale Schoon

Cale Schoon is currently ranked #1 for the Continental 5x5 blind record (5:61.48). Schoon has established himself as an accomplished all-rounder and world-class blind solver, earning consecutive Nationals podiums in a variety of blind events. WCA Profile

Luke Tycksen

Luke Tycksen has joined the ranks of a handful of cubers who can consider themselves as a serious contenders across many cubing events. He has cemented himself a dominant force in the northwest region, making great strides in 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, and OH. WCA Profile

Ben Wei

Ben Wei is a unique individual who doesn't seem to follow the template of the average cuber. His social media presence is scarce, while many others post frequent updates of PB's on Facebook and YouTube. Although he doesn't compete much, he shows tremendous promise in competition and advances through the rankings everywhere he goes. WCA Profile

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