Freedom of Choice

The facts: 1. In October 2017, Rubik’s filed a lawsuit against TheCubicle claiming trademark infringement and unfair competition. 2. TheCubicle contacted Rubik’s to resolve the lawsuit amicably. 3. Negotiation with Rubik’s was impossible, and the parties could not find a fair settlement. 4. TheCubicle filed a lawsuit against Rubik’s to cancel its trademarks, allege antitrust […]


On The Rise – 2018 Cubers Going For It All (Cale Schoon/Luke Tycksen/Ben Wei)

Cale Schoon Cale Schoon is currently ranked #1 for the Continental 5×5 blind record (5:61.48). Schoon has established himself as an accomplished all-rounder and world-class blind solver, earning consecutive Nationals podiums in a variety of blind events. WCA Profile Luke Tycksen Luke Tycksen has joined the ranks of a handful of cubers who can consider […]


Q & A – Max Park – He has recently shaken up the rankings with 6 records in Janauary

January 2018 was a good month for Max Park, as he scored an impressive 6 World Records in two competitions. Starting in San Diego’s Thanks Four The Invite 2018, Max obtained WR’s in 7×7 average (2:13.12), 6×6 average (1:25.34), and 3×3 One Hand (9.99), breaking through the once unimaginable 10 second barrier. At Sacramento’s SacCubing […]


On the rise in 2018-Speed Cubers to look out for in 2018 (Will Callan/Elijah Brown/Igor Kowalczyk)

We cannot say goodbye to 2017 without a shout out to some noticable achievements from cubers that we should look out for in the coming years. Although their achievements were in different events, the one thing they have in common is their potential for strong improvement in 2018 as they quietly climb the WCA rankings. […]


Nahm Seung Hyuk Goes To America – His first time competing in the United States at Skillcon 2017

With only two hours left of a 14 hour flight from Seoul, Korea to Los Angeles International Airport, Nahm Seung Hyuk wondered what to expect from his first trip to the United States. How will things be different from Korea? Are the houses different? Will the sky be the same shade of blue as Korea? […]


Feliks Zemdegs finishes 2017 with his 3×3 5.80 average bringing his world record count to 116

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