Our Mission

TheCubicle.us is a leading USA-based online specialty cube store committed to providing customers with a superior online shopping experience, excellent puzzle variety, and an innovative cubing experience. TheCubicle operates in New York and has served thousands of puzzle fans from beginners to world champions.

We pride ourselves on our top-quality Cubicle brand stickers, a diverse lineup of speedcube lubricants, and our fully customizable premium 3x3s.

With a team featuring some of the fastest cubers in the world, you can rest assured knowing that you are in good hands. Your satisfaction is guaranteed when you order from us.

Regardless of whether you are a competitive speedsolver or puzzle enthusiast, TheCubicle has something for you.

Our History

TheCubicle was launched in August of 2011 with a handful of popular World Cubing Association puzzles and a variety of hand-done custom mods. Over the years, we have been recognized as a major innovator and a top contributor in the speedcubing community.

Today, we remain a supportive and friendly business committed to constant improvement to find new ways to better serve our customers and community.

TheCubicle.us is owned and operated by Cubicle Enterprises LLC.

Our Name

Our name, TheCubicle, initially began as a simple play on the word “cube.” Since then, it has also come to represent our strong work ethic and our drive to exceed expectations.